The Zuritas confess that they maintain a tradition that was born by Christian Bach

Since the children of Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach were small, the actress created a family tradition that to date all Zurita they continue to respect: “neither in summer, Christmas or the end of the year do they work”. For the actress it was very important to respect this family time, as stated by the 67 year old actor in interview for

“It is something that we have maintained, there is a very fatherly anecdote of my son Emiliano who stopped making a movie because they did not give him Christmas days, we have never separated on those dates.”

Humberto Zurita

The Zurita family continues to respect the traditions they had with Christian Bach. Photo: Instagram.

The Zurita family has always been very close

Sebastian Zurtia He added that they have always been a very close family, they constantly live together, talk on the phone, see everyone’s work, make constructive criticism and attend premieres, to the extent possible.

“Fortunately, we are now reaching an age where our projects can be matched, we can afford them, create them and we no longer depend on a third party to hire us. Now we can work more together.”

For many years we received various projects in which they wanted to bring together my father, Emiliano and me, but it was not until the series “El Galán” that this happened. Sebastian clarified that it will not always be like this because they do not want to exploit the resource of the Zurita meeting too much.

Humberto adapts to changes

Humberto has witnessed all the changes that have taken place in Mexican and world television, the way in which the actors now perform their characters is in a closer, more intimate and realistic way, for them he assures that he is trying to be more inclusive to be able to be part of these new generations, like those of their children.

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“I want to be able to live up to and in the same mood as the other actors on stage, I don’t want to be out of style,” Humberto Zurita stressed.