“I felt like a trailer hit me”: Anahí reveals that she had COVID again

Anahí, a former member of RBD, reveals that she had COVID-19 again. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Anahí, the former member of RBD, announced that days ago she gave positive to COVID-19which adds to the celebrities who have been infected for the second time, although he stressed that already the disease passedWell, he already gave negative at tests.

It was through his instagram stories, same that were taken up by accounts of followers of the famous, where he announced his contagion and his state of health. And while she didn’t say what symptom had in this new contagionhighlighted that he felt as if there were “trailer hit.”

“Today, after 8 days, I tell you that I got COVID again. Now yes, I felt that I was run over by a trailer”,


According to the famous who reappeared on stage with Karol G with the song “Sálvame”, the worst of the illness It was being away from her children Manuel and Emiliano, of whom she usually shares funny and tender images on her social networks.

“The worst thing was being isolated without being able to hug my babies,”


The famous, who shared an image with her negative test, stressed that she waited until she had the negative result to be able to give reports on his health, and took the opportunity to to thank to its medical what was done so that it would overcome the disease that presents an increase in cases of contagion, as confirmed by the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell.

After the publication of Anahí many of the fans famouswhose participation with Karol G was taken up by the official RBD accounts causing the annoyance of Dulce María, they wished her the best and a full recovery.

Anahí’s first contagion of COVID-19

It was at the beginning of last year that the singer of hits such as “Ser or seem” and “This heart”, among others, revealed where she could have been infected with COVID-19.

Through the stories of his official account of Instagramthe singer and actress revealed that it was on his return to the stage with his fellow RBD group, where he contracted the new strain that he keeps in health alert to the world and detailed how it was, despite the fact that there was a protocol by the organizers.

“Indeed, I caught it at the concert. In the tribute to RBD. After not leaving my house in almost a year, the only day I went out I caught it. A very close person came with contagion without knowing it and infected me (only me). Many tests and protocols were carried out and the one who most insisted that it be so was me, but, even so, we are facing a terrible and unknown virus ”,