Hold on, Maria Leon! Itatí Cantoral surprises with a photo practicing “tube”

Itatí Cantoral surprises with a photo practicing pole dancing. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Itatí Cantoral shocked his followers by sharing a Photography practicing pole dancingalso known as “tube”, an activity that has characterizedfor some time, to María León, and to which other celebrities have joined.

It was in Instagram where Itatí Cantoralwho reappeared a while ago as Soraya Montenegro, shared the image in which she is seen from head while holding, supported of his hands, and shines the legs which was worth several compliments.

songbookwho became a reference in social networks with her interpretation of “La Guadalupana”, accompanied the image with a comment from self love and optimism.

“Keep going, the best is yet to come. When you learn something new you look so pretty.”

Itatí Cantoral wrote

To publicationwhich exceeds 2 thousand likes, faithful followers of the famous flattered Itatí Cantoral, with pick up lines.

“Precious”, “Beautiful, my baby”, “What beautiful words and always give our best”, “Pure beauty”, “Goddess”, “I love you, my baby”, “You are so beautiful”, “How beautiful ”, “Definitely, as the days, months and years go by, you look more and more beautiful”, “My pole girl”, they are part of the messages that can be read in the publication.

Among the comments received by Itatí Cantoral, who recently made an impact with a barbie look, are some experiences by lovers of pole dancing and followers of the actress, who was promised that she will feel “empowered” when I get more mastery of the moves on the pole.

“The best thing about Pole is when you manage to do new tricks, which look so difficult and you manage to make you feel so empowered.”

But it’s not the first image with which the famous shows that he practices pole dancingskillfully, because months ago he showed an image in which, he said, I was meditating.

Although it is not the first time that Itatí surprise his fans with amazing figure he has, because he has also done it posing for the camera, with Swimwear.